How to Submit

Submission Guidelines


Dunham Literary represents fiction, nonfiction, and children's books, including both authors and illustrators.

We do not represent individual short stories, chapbooks, or novellas.

We do not represent screenplays.


Dunham Literary accepts query letters by regular mail and email (but not by phone or fax). After receiving a query letter, we request any and all projects that might be right for us.


If you send a query letter by regular mail and would like a response, please enclose the customary, self-addressed, stamped envelope. We only respond when provided an envelope that is pre-stamped and pre-addressed.


To submit a query letter by email, the correct address is: query at dunhamlit dot com

(Note: this is purposefully not a link so that automatic programs can't collect this address and send spam. Please change "at" to the a in a circle symbol. Please change "dot" to a period. The email address has no spaces in it.)


Please paste the query letter and first five pages of the project in the body of the email. We do not open attachments.


Please do not send full manuscripts unless they are requested by us after receiving your query letter. It generally takes no more than four weeks from the time we receive query letters to read and respond to them.


At Dunham Literary query letters are read by all the agents who might be interested in the projects.


Please do not send query letters by fax. Please do not call to talk about your project on the phone.